Week 14 Blog Post

 I looked at the analytics for the Jay's Gourment account and the consumer viewing had gone up a ton in comparison to when there was not much being posted. With the recent news of our restaurant being reopened more than 12 people have shared that post and it has reached a 95% larger audience than it had in the past. In order to further have our social media presence and have our analytics go up, I believe that there should be posts more often but not too much as that may drive customers away.

Week 13 Blog Post

 As I have mentioned before I do not have a Facebook account, but recently there was an added feature to Instagram that many people are not in approval of. There is now a feature that allows you to purchase clothing and other types of items from the app. This is very different and bold for them to do as I believe it does not fully know what the person is looking for and or shopping for. I believe some of the ads are very annoying and ultimately just very basic. I clicked on the link for this necklace brand and it did not even take me to the company website, I believe that Instagram may be recieving money from these ads.  In the past, many just skip over the ads in newspapers and throw them away as oftentimes they are just an extra page and no real "news". I know that many people love the ads on Facebook and find them extremely beneficial in the long run and have purchased items from these ads. These are curated for the person at some times and many think that they are being s

Week 12 Post

 I really enjoyed the research that I did on TikTok. The "For You Page" is curated just for you and what you like to watch. I believe that this is very appealing to some because your page is different than all of your friends. I think that this app is rather controversial as many people think it is listening to you, but it is fun and new and something very different than very before. The editing features are very cool and different from those of a previous app called Vine. Vine and TikTok are often compared against one another but TikTok has way better content and better quality.

Week 11 Blog Post

 In this week's assignment, I decided to focus on Social media influencers and Twitter. I have had a Twitter account for around 3 years now and often times find it very reliable in some cases. I believe that the trending page is very valuable in many different aspects and is the most reliable app for news. I think that this would be a great website to promote a business on. The trending feature is where I first found out about Kobe Bryant's passing and often updates on political issues as well. I think that in order to better develop this app they should have more reliable sources. At some points, there is news on the app which seems fake and unreliable at times. This is the thing that I believe would help better the app even more.  In the big picture of social media these days, social media influencers are at the middle of it all. Social influencers have developed the most from TikTok which is one of the biggest apps in the world right now. Influencers from apps like TikTok ar

Week 10 Blog Post

 I believe that for a restaurant like Jay's, whose business is usually steady, a quarterly newsletter would be the best option. I believe that for Jay's we should highlight the special we have going on, as well as a customer review. I think that some brands and companies overdo it on their newsletters sometimes so I do not hope to become like them. I think our customers would enjoy seeing some beautiful artwork as well as customer photos of the food which they have been served. I believe that in a newsletter there should be more pictures than words as that oftentimes is boring for the customers to process and read. 

Week 9 Blog Post 2

 In my blog the categories in which I would highlight would be those of Catering, Reviews, and Family History. I believe that family history is very rich and strong at an establishment like Jay's Gourmet. I feel like it is important to make sure customers can access reviews from certified customers, good and bad, so the restaurant can learn and grow. I also believe many customers overlook the catering aspect that our restaurant provides so I believe this is very important to promote as well. 

Week 9 Blog Post 1

 By adding something that might touch on someone's personal experiences is important when promoting your business. For my business, in particular, we have had many regular customers since the '90s that still come in and get the same exact food every single Wednesday. I think that this is important as in the restaurant we have photos of customers who often visit from Arizona and they know everyone at the restaurant's name. It does not make sense to add a personal touch to a post when you are promoting a new product.